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View the latest post Announcing Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Campaign!

It's with pleasure that we announce that GC will host a Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Campaign!

Feedback from you guys has been quite positive, so we decided to move on to planning a campaign with this new game. It's important to notice that the campaign system is still in the works, it will probable be posted, before being finalized, for you guys to give some feedback. Also, this will be a sort of "beta campaign" for this game, since we are venturing into new waters, we also want to keep the campaign simple and compact. Next campaign, depending on numbers, will get the regular GC treatment.

We want to get things underway, so we made a poll to know if there's any people interested in being a General or being part of High Command, for this campaign we will have just two people being part of High Command. Stay tuned for more news about player signup and draft.

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View the latest post Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Fun Day!

1, 2
Hey, guys! We are doing a Rising Storm 2: Vietnam fun day this Saturday, in order to gather everyone's opinion on the game and make plans for a possible future campaign.

The game is at a discount, but only for today, you can find the link below. Make sure to show up, if you can!

When: 2017/06/03 - SBT
Where: GC's Teamspeak
Game: Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

edit 02/06/2017 - matsif

a GC server is currently up and running, with the following information:

Code: Select all
Server Name: =GC= Global-Conflict.org RS2 Server
Server IP:

The server is in the server browser should you wish to search for it manually, however you can also access it through the following steps:

Code: Select all
1. start RS2
2. open the console (default is the '~' key on US keyboard layouts)
3. type "open [server IP:port]" without quotes and replacing the bracketed area with the server IP and port
4. hit enter and the game should automatically load into the server

the intention is to use this server tomorrow unless there are technical issues.

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View the latest post Teamspeak "Server" Spambot


Current teamspeak users may occasionally get messaged by an entity called "server" trying to get you to click on a link. Said server account isn't authorised by GC or Teamspeak, don't click on anything it sends. It keeps evading any bans so until a clever person than I gets back from holiday you'll just have to deal with it.

So you are aware, the link itself isn't bad - it just takes you to another horrendous teamspeak server. not sure why they're bothering, but it's best not to click just in case the message changes.

If it continues I'll look at fiddling with some settings and hopefully not break anything.

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