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View the latest post Teamspeak "Server" Spambot


Current teamspeak users may occasionally get messaged by an entity called "server" trying to get you to click on a link. Said server account isn't authorised by GC or Teamspeak, don't click on anything it sends. It keeps evading any bans so until a clever person than I gets back from holiday you'll just have to deal with it.

So you are aware, the link itself isn't bad - it just takes you to another horrendous teamspeak server. not sure why they're bothering, but it's best not to click just in case the message changes.

If it continues I'll look at fiddling with some settings and hopefully not break anything.

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View the latest post 2016 Campaign Update

1, 2, 3, 4

It's with regret that I must announce that until further notice we will not be starting any campaigns in Battlefield 4. We do not have enough people at GC to run an internal campaign, and the interest to run another inter-community campaign seems to be lacking from both sides.

We're not quite willing to drop into a hibernation phase quite yet, there are some games on the horizon and members play enough games that we should be able to organise some fundays to keep us going until we find an appropriate game or drum up enough interest to get another campaign going.

For now the games which we're looking at the most are Angels Fall First and Squad, which are both in early access. Venice Unleashed also looks promising but not quite yet, and we'd like to wait for more development and interest in it before looking that way for a campaign.

For now though, we'd like to get an overview of what you're all playing both in terms of games that could potentially suit GC and those who don't. If anyone is interested in running a funday for those or any game please hit me up and I'll try to help organise it.


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View the latest post Scrim vs LevelBF 12 December


On 12th of December at SBT we will be having a scrimmage against LevelBF.

If you're interested in getting involved, please join the Scrim usergroup via your UserCP if you are not already in the group. Once you've joined the group you should be able to see this forum.

Viper will be continuing his leadership for this scrim, and we will keep ABC up until it is over for use of the Battle Sign Up function, so please also use that to indicate your availability. We will also continue making use of the seperate Battleday Teamspeak for this event.

Good luck :)

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