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Welcome to the =GC= Forums! To learn more and get started, visit the new recruits welcome forum and our simple setup guide.

To see all of our forums, you'll need an account. Please log in or register.

If you need help, you can also join our Teamspeak server. The password is gcfun.

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The History of Global-Conflict

Standard Battle Time (SBT):
Saturday: SBT to SBT+6
SBT = 10a Pacific, 12p Central, 1p Eastern, 17:00 UTC, 18:00 BST, 19:00 CET
Don't Miss Out on the First Ever GC Campaign Against another Battlefield Community!

Battlefield 4 21CW vs GC: Current State of the War
Campaign Results History
Campaign 7 Rules

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View the latest post Donation Drive 3.0

Hey, guys! We need your help again! The last donation drive was pretty awesome and we managed to get a good amount of resources that lasted until today. Now we are in dire need of more donations. If you can help out at this time we would really appreciate it, any amount is welcome! But it's no problem if you can't, just keep showing up and making GC the awesome community it is!

When you donate, please include your forum nickname in the notes field of Paypal, so we can credit you for your support on the donations ledger and add a shiny blue ribbon to your profile. Donation link is below, thank you so much!

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View the latest post GC Needs You!

This coming week we will be doing some recruiting for the new campaign through social media, but there's just no better way to recruit new members than word of mouth!

Following Kilo's suggestion, we are doing a mass recruitment campaign based on word of mouth and we need your help!

It's really simple! If you are one of those guys that are regularly pubbing, we want you to try and engage other players you think may fit our organized style of play and talk to them about GC!

If you see anyone that enjoys playing with their squad or following the squad leader orders, just add them on Battlelog after the round ends and invite them over to GC! You can send them this page that contains some nice info for newcomers.

If everyone invites just 1 or 2 persons we would have more than enough people to fill our servers during Battledays. That's why we need your help! Remember, this community is made of the collective efforts of every single member here, so you can totally make a difference!

Above all, thank you for being part of this community! See you on the battlefield!


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View the latest post Black Ops Scrim

We are planning on holding a Black Ops Scrim on 4th November (2014-11-04).

There will not be a Black Ops this week (2014-10-28).

The EUBO will run from SBT+2 to SBT+4.5 and you can sign up here.
The NABO will run from SBT+8 to SBT+10.5 and you can sign up here.

Come along and play some different BF4 modes.

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