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Welcome to the =GC= Forums! To learn more and get started, visit the new recruits welcome forum and our simple setup guide.

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BF4 Campaign 3 has ended with The Corleone Family emerging victorious
Stay tuned to the forums as we work to get C4 rolling ASAP!

Battlefield 4 Campaign 3 Map: Current State of the War
Campaign Results History
BF4 Campaign 3 System

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View the latest post Global Podcast #25

Main Topics: Campaign End; Future Events.

Guests: InsanityRocks, A Docile Sloth, Damonott, Hypo, CekiHappy, Th30ne, Nix, Abaday, A Docile Sloth, Gwynzer, Matsif, Fields, Haruky, Spreez, and LoRdG0nZo.

Download: To download the podcast in .mp3 format go here.

- Extra Note: This is a long one. We had a whale of a time recording it though and had a lot to talk about, hopefully this doesn't inconvenience anyone!

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View the latest post Week 5 - Post Battle Map

This map includes this weeks side changes (Cape Verde)

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View the latest post Donation Drive!

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Hey, guys! We are doing a donation drive and I'd like to ask you to help out GC with any amount of money you may spare. It's okay if you can't help out at this time, just by participating in GC you're already contributing a lot to our community. We had some problems with our old virtual wallet so we have to start from scratch again, meanwhile Ghoul was nice enough to cover the expenses. When you donate, please include your forum nickname in the notes field on Paypal so we can credit you for your support on the donations ledger. Donation link is below, thank you so much!

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