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View the latest post BF4C2 Interest Survey and Events Plan 15 Feb

It's time to get the ball rolling in BF4C2. As discussed in the Global Podcast, there are already a Few threads up discussing BF4C2. Please fill in this BF4C2 Interest Survey so we can get a good idea of who is interested in what roles.

The current event plan for next week is to play the First Strike Mod for BF2142. First Strike is a Star Wars total conversion for the game with custom kits, weapons, maps, assets and gamemodes. It's pretty heavy on teamplay and they've just released an update which adds a few maps. Unfortunately (as of posting) there is no full patch, however if you download the 1.5 version it will autopatched to 1.6. You'll also have to get BF2142 up to date if it's not done so, I recommend using this location to find all of your patches. We have played First Strike before, see this thread for details.

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View the latest post Global Podcast #11

Main Topics: Past and future events; next campaign suggestions.

Guests: Gwynzer, Matsif, A Docile Sloth and O1OO1.

Download: To download the podcast in .mp3 format go here.

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View the latest post 08 February Event Plan

Hi All,

Sorry for the short notice on this, but in celebration of the new patch and the new bugs it brings, we will be trying to play some BATTLEFIELD 4 this weekend. If enough people turn up, we'll try running it GC style, if not we'll get together and smash some public games. We're aiming to start around SBT, and ask that anyone with any officer experience maybe arrives a little bit earlier if they are interested in volunteering to help out for the day :). If we get enough people to have GC style battles, we may even try a few different settings like commander mode.

If you're interested in future events make sure to stay tuned to next weeks Global Podcast, if we have any information on future events planned, we'll make sure to include it there even if there are no hard dates set.

See you on the battlefield!

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