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Welcome to the =GC= Forums! To learn more and get started, visit the new recruits welcome forum and our simple setup guide.

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If you need help, you can also join our Teamspeak server. The password is gcfun.

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View the latest post Saturday's Scrim

We are having a scrim between the armies next Saturday (08/26) at SBT. Make sure to confirm your presence in ABC, under Battle Day Sign Up. See you there!

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View the latest post 1 Week Delay


Due to a few complications that have arisen this week we've had to postpone the campaign by 1 week. Our draft turnout so far is abysmally low so anyone who is interested please make sure you have signed up on ABC.

For now, feel free to keep our server populated and have fun on it. If you see anyone you think would be a good fit, invite them to join us :)

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View the latest post RS2C1 Signups Open


You can now sign up for the draft on ABC. To do that click on ABC Home up on the top of the page and then Enter Draft.

We haven't made any modifications to the system to adjust it away from Battlefield. This is something we may do in the short term, but for now just ignore any BF Related prompts.

As a reminder, we'll be doing the draft on the 19th of August and then having our first funday. If you have any friends you think would fit in here, don't forget to give them an invite :) We'll be doing larger scale recruitment drive next week, as well as testing out our server, pop along for those.

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