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Welcome to the =GC= Forums! To learn more and get started, visit the new recruits welcome forum and our simple setup guide.

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Battle Times:
Saturday: SBT to SBT+6,
SBT = 10a Pacific, 12p Central, 1p Eastern, 18:00 UTC, 18:00 BST, 19:00 CET
Campaign 4 player draft is open!
Draft will take place October 25th

Battlefield 4 Campaign 4 Map: Current State of the War
Campaign Results History
BF4 Campaign 4 System

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View the latest post Global Podcast #29

Main Topics: LN7 First Attack.

Guests: Gwynzer, Robawillis, Th30ne, LoRdG0nZo and Wi1D_K4rD.

Download: To download the podcast in .mp3 format go here.

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View the latest post New GC Trailer!

Thanks to everyone that lent their acting skills in the making of this trailer. Also, special thanks to Hgx, for recording and editing the whole thing himself. :thumbup:

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View the latest post 8-10-14 TCF Week #2 Refunds and Defensive Movement


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