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View the latest post Daylight Savings - Battleday Timer


On Sunday 25th October, most of the worlds clocks changed to end Daylight Saving Time. American DST does not end until Sunday 1st of November, meaning that clocks don't match.

As such, the Battleday on 31st of October will be happening ONE HOUR LATER for those in America. The countdown clock is wrong (one hour early) this week. Usually we do things differently during the DST rollover but 21 don't so this is our compromise. To clarify, the battleday begins at:

UK: 1800
US EAST: 1400

The following week we're back to normal :)

EDIT: The Halloween Battleday has been cancelled. There's an offweek and DST will be back to normal, so no worries :)

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View the latest post Global Podcast #35

Main Topics: GC vs. 21CW Campaign; Last BD.

Guests: Robawills, Fields, McBain, Viper, CaptJagermeister, ChillumBaba, BeerHunter6 and lihou969.

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View the latest post History of GC Timeline

1, 2
Just released for public consumption a graphical history of Global-Conflict by Arcturus conveniently located at the top center of our home page for your viewing pleasure! Let's everyone give a big hand to Arcturus for putting in all the long hours on this work of art.

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