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View the latest post Teamspeak 3 IP Change

Dear all

Due to some people still having issues connecting to TS3 with either the IP's provided:

Or with the named address:
  • ts.global-conflict.org

The decision has been made to stop Teamspeak from listening from , this means you can't connect to Teamspeak with that IP address. Please update your bookmarks to the new IP address ( ) or named address (ts.global-conflict.org). If you still have issues please flush your dns cache, some instructions are posted here: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=19666&start=105#p279009 .

If you still get issues feel free to post in that thread or contact me.


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View the latest post Global Podcast #34

Main Topics: BF4C6 Draft; First Scrim.

Guests: InsanityRocks, Bock, Th30ne, CognitoCon, Cekihappy and LoRdG0nZo.

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View the latest post Draft is Open and Timeline

This stuff is up on the front page but from experience, some people don't ever see the front page (you are missing out btw)

Campaign 6 Draft is now open!
Sign up Here!

Saturday June 6th Player Draft and first Scrimmage
Saturday June 13th Second Scrimmage
Tuesday June 16th BO Scrim
Saturday June 20th Battle for Initiative
Saturday June 27th Second Battle Day

Saturday July 4th NO BATTLE, U.S. HOLLIDAY

Saturday July 11th Third Battle Day

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