How our tournament works

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How our tournament works

Post by BRUMMIE » Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:50 am

Dear New/old/revisiting Vet/Player,

Welcome to aka Global Conflict aka GC.

You have just joined one of the best communities on the net for organized team-based game-play. At GC. We are all here for a mature and perhaps more importantly, a fun game of Battlefield. Our slogan is “The way Battlefield is meant to be played”. A tenet that we have made the basis of our community.

However, experience has shown us that sometimes it’s the simple set-up things, as we perceive them anyway, that newer players get lost in - we were all new once. What next, Where do I get that, What the hell is TeamSpeak etc? We’re going to try and fix that here.

To participate in every battle in the present Campaign (BF4 C2) you’re going to need the latest iteration of EA’s Battlefield franchise. In this instance it will be BF4. As time passes and map packs are released and become available you may require them as well. This is how it has worked in past Campaigns and we don’t see it as being any different for the present.

You will have to join a side. A side is a military force. The military forces are structured just as you would expect in real life. There is an overall Commander of each side with a high command (HC) in place. Under that command structure there are armed forces such as air-force, infantry, mechanized etc. These are determined by the command structure of the side that you join, but they are expected to be logical and understandable. The command structure of each force is manned by experienced veterans (vets) of previous campaigns.

The side that you join will determine access to certain ‘non-public’ sections of our forums. As with any other community you will be expected to act maturely and govern yourself accordingly.

The campaign is refereed by another group of well experienced vets. These are known as Tournament Administrators or TA’s. In game they play as neutral’s – balancing sides as required.

Global Conflict hosts 2 public/private 64 player servers where the campaign battles take place. One is European based and the other is N. American based. The server addresses will be announced shortly. The intention is that battles will be balanced in regard to connection speeds to the servers (pings). Our player base is global and we attempt to be as fair as possible by playing half our battles on each server.

In-game communications take place using a VOIP program known as TeamSpeak3. This is required, and the following forum thread will explain its installation and usage -its really quite easy but does a lot to improve team play.

We guarantee that once you have this done and join us on our servers for the very first time you are going to love what we have created here at Global Conflict.