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Forum Netiquette

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Global Conflict Forum Netiquette

We encourage our members to behave like gentleman when posting in the GC-forums. Keep in mind that a good part of our forums are public and therefor the poster child for anybody checking out GC.

Since our members come from different countries and different cultures we expect all of you to respect your fellow GC-members. The following rules have been set to ensure GC can fulfill its purpose of being the BF-Community everybody feels welcome.

The “three golden rules”
  • :arrow: No Politics!
    :arrow: No Religion!
    :arrow: No Porn/Sex!
If you feel like discussing these subjects – do it outside GC! Why? Obviously people can be of different opinion when it comes to these subjects. The Internet is a platform where people at times state their opinion without reserves and we do not want to have forum wars and personal hatred arising out of said subjects. Also keep in mind we have minors around and legal stipulations regarding the above mentioned content might vary in other GC-member countries.

This leads to another obvious rule: No Illegal Content! For clarification this also includes any endorsement of internet-piracy, hacks, cracks etc., as well as linking to such content.

Please also follow these additional guidelines:
:arrow: Do not use the GC forums to advertise products or third party activities without getting clearance from the senate first.
:arrow: Army related discussions belong in the respective army forums only.
:arrow: Do not flame a member publicly. “Praise in public – Criticize in private” is the way to go. If you have something negative to say about a member or feel a forum post is inapt, do contact him via a PM, or send a PM to a Forum Admin, or Exec and we will evaluate your concern and deal with it.
:arrow: Do use signatures within the limit of 600 x 150 pixels max only. Larger signatures simply make the forums unreadable. For clarification this limitation in size does also include any text and additional medals, smaller pictures etc. you might want to add in addition to your main signature picture.
:arrow: As a rule of thumb: if you are not sure if something is ok to be posted, take a deep breath and count to 10, if still in doubt – do not click the “submit”-button. Also if you feel like venting off steam, sleeping over a post is known to work wonders regarding the quality of forum posts.

We expressly reserve the right to move posts within the forums, to modify posts and/or delete any post or thread without warning or submission of statement when it is deemed inappropriate, or in violation of the rules set above.

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