TeamSpeak Rules and Etiquette

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TeamSpeak Rules and Etiquette

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The Global-Conflict Teamspeak Rules

Most Important.
:arrow: Be respectful to other members.

:arrow: Don't abuse teamspeak privileges.
:arrow: Dont post adult content in the chat. Note, we may turn a blind eye if you tag it NSFW and there are only friends in the channel who won't get disturbed.

Common Etiquette
:arrow: If you are recording, edit your name to include '[Rec]' so that others in the channel are aware.
:arrow: Don't eat food while talking. It's gross :roll:
:arrow: Be careful when using voice activation that you aren't picking up background sounds.

If you break these rules, the punishment will be in line with how badly you broke them, your attitude, and and any repeat offences. It is down to the judgement of the Exec to say what punishment is appropriate as every infraction and specific set of circumstances is different. It might be a simple chat to set things straight, a kick, a temporary ban, or in extremely rare cases, a permanent ban, normally for eating while talking.
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