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hungry for more? let's try to meet up and play

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:59 pm
by Digz
and get you guys back in to shape and learn more about the game (which is not BF anymore).
weekly meet up on weekends, on TS. put yourself online in steam, and let's try to fill and play in our server
or go to another if the show up is small. don't forget in this game 1-2 people joining the same server will lead to 64 full server anyhow...this will go on until our generals are ready to stop getting ready and be ready to start our first army vs army of sloths scrim.

meet up hour- SBDT? standard battle day time. if any americans will take the effort to log in and complain here
about the hour we will shift it to SBT+2.

took the time to rip this picture from "The Pacific" our site just hate imgur and blow up the picture all over the post.
kill ya all tomorrow!