GCW: Return of the Giants

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GCW: Return of the Giants

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Sources close to Global Conflict Weekly have confirmed rumours that there is a new Global Conflict in the works. Sources indicate that the Special Activities Divisions, in conjunction with the Dutch Special Forces known as SDAT, is preparing to move on The Corleone Family.

The Corleone Family first made major news a year ago after their actions against the Lucky Number 7 Casino chain. This culminated two months later with TCF's takeover of LN7. Since then, little has been heard of Insanity "The Don" Rocks or his organisation. The Special Activities Division has been more recently in the news with their take down of JANUS. SDAT has been held in high regard for it's excellent handling of smaller operations.

However, GCW's sources have revealed interesting links between TCF and SAD that few knew existed.

LordGonzo, CrookedBarrel and CognitoCon were loyal members of TCF during it's actions against Luck Number 7 Casino. Shortly after the takeover of LN7, InsanityRocks's most trusted family members were sent to infiltrate the CIA, as it appeared they were targeting an organisation trying to muscle in on TCF territory: JANUS.

Working their way up, they started working for SAD, the Special Activities Division of the CIA. After successfully taking down JANUS, SAD turned its attention to an unlikely adversary: MI6. Cognitocon was sent to MI6's Kingsmen to retrieve information, working from the inside to bring them down. Gonzo and CrookedBarrel, in the mean time, were sent to work with Virtucon, a CIA shell company, to exact a more direct approach.

Only upon the completion of their mission did it become clear why the Kingsmen had to disappear. CognitoCon has betrayed Don Vito’s trust and had slowly taken over SAD from the inside. Taking a leaf from his former master's book, CognitoCon had obliterated or assimilated any possible threats to his position.

While taking over SAD, CognitoCon started a relationship with Dan1Mall, the leader of the Dutch Special Forces SDAT. CognitoCon felt having a strong ally would better his chances for acceptance on the world stage. As part of the mutually beneficial arrangement, Dan1Mall was made co-director of SAD.

Now, CognitoCon has turned against his former family. The Corleone Family is well organised and powerful enough, however, to put up a fight. Our sources indicate that LordGonzo and CrookedBarrel manage to escape from SAD, despite being actively hunted, and have once again rejoined Insanity "The Don" Rocks.
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