for honor alpha

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for honor alpha

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if anyone is interested in this, I've got 2 more alpha invites I can give. it opens up tomorrow around 9AM EST and runs through sunday at 8PM EST. preloading is available, roughly a 13gb download.

it's an ubi title and everything is handled through uplay, including the invite system, so in order to pass an invite I'd have to have you on my uplay friends list. I also have to send the invites out as a group, so if no one says anything before later this evening (probably around 7PM EST) I'm hitting send on whatever I have and anything not redeemed is lost. which is poo, but that's the system they concocted.

the previous alpha was reasonably fun, nothing amazing but wasn't awful. I doubt I'll play it a whole lot after tomorrow but I've got some invites to pass around so may as well offer them.

shoot me a pm if you're interested, first served first come or whatever.

edit: invites out
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