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Announcement Forum: Rules & Etiquette

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To all of our members,

Please be aware that threads created in this subforum are posted onto our front page, and that these topics are quite likely going to be the first place that people check when visiting our website. As such we'd ask that people take extra care to keep replies civil and on topic. We want newcomers to see we are as welcoming and awesome as we actually are, rather than being left with a poor taste in their mouth due to a silly argument. Be aware this forum will be actively moderated and unhelpful posts may be removed.

We do very little moderation in general on our forum, and are often quite happy to allow debate and free discussion of any kind so long as it is in the right place. As said above though, this forum will be an exception.

We will not be stopping such debate or discussion from happening and still encourage it, just keep things civilized and polite please.

- Exec Team